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MOBA URS SolutionsMOBA URS Solutions

MOBA URS Solutions

It provides an exceptionally flat surface and makes the system the most precise technology on the market.

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Challenges for effective fleet management

Collection tours

By driving the collection tours in one period of time, you risk to drive to households which have no or only half full garbage bins.

Substitute driver

A substitute driver takes over the collection tour if the regular driver is unavailable. This will lead to problems if the tours are unknown.

operating data

To keep the vehicles in optimal working condition, you need information about the driving performance of drivers and the status of trucks.



Optimized collection tours for efficient garbage industry

MOBA Fleet management

With the MOBA telematics solution, many other functions can be recognized that lead to an optimization of the emptying runs: better timing and geographic combinations of orders, as well as cost savings. Direct communication between driver and control center is now possible, as is navigation and recording of the driven route. A replacement driver also knows at all times which street he must turn down next. Using the recorded data, including GPS position, the route can be optimally planned in order to avoid circuitous routes. This operating data can be recorded as well. It provides valuable information about the condition and use of the vehicles.


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Cloud connectivity for effective fleet management

Today, cloud connectivity is a must-have for the future-oriented, environmentally friendly Smart City. Measurement data and sensor information are regularly transmitted to the cloud and can be retrieved from there at any time via the web-based software solutions MAWIS Web and MAWIS U2. Thanks to this modern, worldwide cloud infrastructure, you have access to your disposal information everywhere, whether from the office, on the road via the MAWIS App or the MOBA on-board computer in every vehicle.

Capture operating data

Operating data can be captured fast and simply. It provides important data on the condition and use of vehicles.

Follow-me function

Collection tours can be tracked, so that even a substitute driver knows at any time which road to take next.


An RFID system or an extra weighing scale can be added to the telematics solution at any time and without great effort.

URS System components

  • Controller


    Controller with Ergonomic, intuitive 4-button design for precise and fast work.

  • Sonic-Ski


    Wear-free sensor thanks to non-contact sensing from the ground, string line or curb for the grade control.

  • Slope Sensor

    Slope Sensor

    Powerful inclination control for paving slopes

  • Laser receiver

    Laser receiver

    The LS-3000 laser receiver is a high-precision sensor for height measurement.  Compatible with all common rotary lasers for machine control.

  • Wire rope sensor

    Wire rope sensor

    Precise height position measurement for cutting applications

  • IR-Spot


    The temperature sensor can be used at freely selectable positions on the paver and precisely measures the temperature of the material.