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3D Machine ControlOptimal earthmoving results
Laser Land LevelingLeveling for more Profit

2D Control MOBA GS-506

The system for grade and slope control regulates the coulter of your machine fully automatically

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2D Control MOBA Laser-matic

High-precision grading works are no problem with the MOBA leveling systems Laser-matic and Dual Laser-matic.

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Challenges for construction projects


The operator can only visually estimate the depth, grade and slope. Additional control measurements are required after each working step.

Machine Wear

Additional rework results in more operating hours for your machine. This increases wear and you will need a new machine earlier.

Operating Costs

Inefficient, uncontrolled leveling produces more passes, extended working hours and more CO2 and fuel consumption.

2D machine control for construction machines


Perfect fine-grained surface, best Results


Whether for crawler, grader, kilver or levelling blade, the 2D levelling system gives your machine a technology upgrade to eclipse all others. The system for height and inclination control regulates the coulter of your machine fully automatically so that the laid material is distributed evenly at all times. This is how the end result convinces with perfect flatness.


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Precise grade and slope control

As a 2D machine control system, the GS-506 offers precise and reliable height and slope control and a high level of flexibility in the choice of sensors and fields of application. The increased productivity ensures that all leveling is performed faster and more accurately. The system saves time and money. With its height accuracy it is eliminating the need for staking out and for correction works.


Easy to operate

Extremely easy to operate, as the operator can access and set all important functions via the self-explanatory keys and the simple menu navigation. In addition, the operator is optimally supported by the worldwide unique sideshift function during cornering and avoidance manoeuvres of the machine.


Wide range of sensors

Offers the world's largest selection of sensors for leveling systems that can be flexibly combined with each other. The sensors are automatically detected by the controller and are thus quickly available to the operator.



Thanks to the exceptionally large selection of high-end sensors, the system can be expanded modularly – up to 3D application. Save time and maximise your ROI!

GS-506 System components

  • Operating panel

    Operating panel

    The specially developed display is a unique ergonomic specimen and impresses with user-friendly features such as the easily comprehensible symbols, which are supported by additional LEDs.

  • Sonic-Ski


    5-fold ultrasonic sensor with side-shift function for automatic control

  • Controller


    Precise adjustment of target and actual values and controls the valves of the hydraulic unit

  • Distribution Box

    Distribution Box

    Central hub for all sensors in the system to reduce cable runst. Detects the inclination of the machine in the longitudinal axis.



    Optimum compensation of transverse inclination, detects the angle range of the coulter

  • Cross slope sensor

    Cross slope sensor

    Dynamic detection of the coulter inclination, longitudinal machine inclination and coulter rotation, operates with a dynamic liquid sensor



    Controls cylinder movements according to the signals of the controller and  can be used independently of machines.

  • Laser receiver

    Laser receiver

    The MOBA Proportional Laser Receiver is a highly precise sensor for grade measurement. It works with all common rotary laser transmitters.




High-precision laser land levelling work is a vital part of today’s construction site requirements. A flat, even surface determines the quality of the overall project. The MOBA Laser-matic and Dual Laser-matic leveling systems solve this problem by upgrading your leveling blade and assisting the driver in his work.


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Your upgrade for more Profit

The height or inclination of the dozer blade is shown on the intuitive display at all times. The system then automatically carries out the even levelling after setting the target value. This not only allows you to plan to the highest quality, but also saves time and fuel without reworking, thus reducing wear and tear on the machine.

Easy to operate

With the intuitive 4-button design and visual LED support, the operator is optimally assisted in his daily work. A wide range of pre-programmable hydraulic configurations also ensures a high degree of flexibility, enabling rapid changeover between different machines.

Wide range of sensors

Thanks to MOBA’s largest sensor selection in the world, the system is the right choice for all types of leveling. Thanks to mutual compatibility, all sensors can be exchanged quickly and easily, and your machine can be upgraded at any time. Thus your are optimally prepared for various construction projects, such as a sports field, an agricultural path or golf and tennis facilities.


Thanks to the special modularity of the system and the flexible use of different sensors, the Laser-matic & Dual Laser-matic can be upgraded to a 3D system at any time.

Laser-matic System components

  • Laser-matic


    Controller with proven 4-Button design for fast and precise working.

  • Controller


    Controller with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. Up to 10 different hydraulic configurations programmable.

  • LS-3000


    The MOBA Proportional Laser Receiver is a highly precise sensor for grade measurement. It works with all common rotary laser transmitters.

  • CLS-3000


    Laser land leveling sensor with 5 channels. Better farming results with optimized arable soil. It works with all common rotary laser transmitters.

  • Dual Laser-matic

    Dual Laser-matic

    Ensures intuitive operation with ergonomic push-buttons and LEDs. Parameter settings can be created individually and the laser search can be started at the touch of a button.

  • Sonic-Ski


    Wear-free 5-ultrasonic sensor for contactless height sensing of rope, ground or kerbstone.

  • Electric Mast

    Electric Mast

    Moves the laser receiver precisely into the laser beam for optimal reception.