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2D Paving ControlOptimal roads with MOBA technologies
MOBA 2D Paving ControlOptimal roads with MOBA technologies

MOBA-matic & Big Sonic-Ski

It provides an exceptionally flat surface and makes the system the most precise technology on the market.

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Challenges for construction projects

Creation Quality

Quality factors such as optimum smoothness and perfect compaction of asphalt layers are a decisive factor for long-lasting roads and low-noise traffic. This can only be achieved with precise measurement control system.

Creation Costs

Often asphalt paving is the decisive factor on how profitable a construction project is. The goal is to pave each asphalt layer with just the right amount of material while providing the best possible quality.

Creation Performance

During asphalting, you cannot measure the exact height and inclination without instruments. Manual measurement and readjustment is a time consuming and costly process. However, it leads to bad results if the measured values are wrong.

2D Paver Screed control for better roads



MOBA-matic & Big Sonic-Ski

The worldwide known MOBA-matic is the best-selling grade and slope control system in road construction. After a one-time calibration, the system takes over the control of the asphalt paver screed fully automatically and immediately. In combination with the Big Sonic Ski, you achieve maximum smoothness in the paving process. The simple and intuitive operation, as well as the high reliability are further aspects that have made our MOBA-matic so successful - there' s a reason why so many OEMs already trust in our system factory-made.


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Thanks to years of development and market experience, MOBA-matic and Big Sonic-Ski are compatible with the pavers of any machine manufacturer – regardless of type or age. Thanks to the CAN-based development of further hardware components with a focus on the modularity of the system, additional features can easily be added.

Easy to operate

Extremely easy to operate as the operator can control all important functions via four main keys and the grade and slope of the paver screed are automatically adjusted.

Wide range of sensors

Offers the world's largest selection of sensors for leveling systems that can be flexibly combined with each other. The sensors are automatically detected by the controller and are thus quickly available to the operator.


Thanks to the CAN-based development of further hardware components with a focus on the modularity of the system, additional features can easily be added. IR spot temperature sensors, laser receivers, GNSS or prisms offer even more installation options.

MOBA-matic System components

  • Controller


    Controller with Ergonomic, intuitive 4-button design for precise and fast work.

  • Sonic-Ski


    Wear-free sensor thanks to non-contact sensing from the ground, string line or curb for the grade control.

  • Slope Sensor

    Slope Sensor

    Powerful inclination control for paving slopes

  • Laser receiver

    Laser receiver

    The LS-3000 laser receiver is a high-precision sensor for height measurement.  Compatible with all common rotary lasers for machine control.

  • Wire rope sensor

    Wire rope sensor

    Precise height position measurement for cutting applications

  • IR-Spot


    The temperature sensor can be used at freely selectable positions on the paver and precisely measures the temperature of the material.