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MOBA Service

First class service & support

MOBA offers premium quality products, specially developed and designed for usage in extreme conditions.  With the assistance of our partners, we provide the know-how, expertise in knowledge and ideal customer service to support.

Our Service technicians and Application engineers are available to help at any time, and when necessary, even meet you on-site.

We make sure things run smoothly, ensuring you can work trouble-free, and efficiently!

MOBA Innovation Center

Get in contact with our technical experts

Get in contact with our technical experts, discuss technical items and get useful information.

Visit our MOBA Innovation Center

MOBA Product Platform

Premium products for modular applications

The MOBA product platform delivers components of premium quality for various applications. A wide range of controllers, sensors and HMIs are equipped with standard or customized housing, all meeting different requirements. With their open and modular structure, all products can easily be integrated into existing systems.

The MOBA product platform sets standards for components in the Mobile Automation industry, offering components to system integrators, engineering offices and original equipment manufacturers. The platform Internet site offers customers from any industry, the option to choose components best suitable for their needs.

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Contacts for MOBA Dealers

Erik Geis

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Erik Geis
Phone: +49 6431/9577-273


Alexander Wahlmann Sales Manager Asia Oceania

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Alexander Wahlmann
Phone: +49 6431 9577-156


Volker Kuck Sales Manager Central Europe

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Volker Kuch
Phone: +49 6431 9577-259


Helder Mendes Sales Manager Central South America

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Helder Mendes
Phone: +49 162 2963294


Erik Geis Sales Manager East Europe Russia CIS

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Erik Geis
Phone: +49 6431/9577-273


Gary Motak Sales Manager MOBA USA

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Gary Motak
Phone: +1 678 817 9646 116


Helder Mendes Sales Manager South Europe

MOBA Sales Manager

Name: Helder Mendes
Phone: +49 162 2963294


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