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Load control

We offer certified and calibrated mobile scales that record the exact weight during bin emptying. For this reason, the waste disposal vehicles are equipped with load cells that have corresponding scale electronics.

System benefits

  • Development, production, installation and service from a single source
  • Reduction in number of single trips to stationary scale
  • Upgradeable with identification and telematics system
  • Legally binding billing on-site

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RFID Systems

With the MOBA identification systems, municipalities and commercial waste management contractors can structure waste disposal transparently, and fairly. In combination with a weighing system, it is possible to charge fees according to weight. This type of billing provides incentive to separate waste, and avoid producing waste.

System benefits

  • Transparent waste disposal and billing
  • Legally binding and direct information in the event of inquiries from citizens
  • Only registered bins are emptied
  • Billing according to number of emptyings
  • Possible to link to existing administration software

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Telematic solutions

Using the appropriate software, you can manage locations, bins and emptyings. Web-based solutions are available, using telematics, online order processing, vehicle tracking, navigation and visualization of vehicle. Order data can be seen on a digital map.

System benefits

  • Route optimization
  • Minimization of empty runs
  • Reduced reaction times
  • Better order combination
  • Simplified order processing

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