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PAVE-TM, the worldwide first system for the measurement of layer thickness is an absolute must in road construction in order to save costs! After one initial adjustment, the system continuously displays the current thickness of the paving. The system saves you manual re-measuring of the layer thickness and thereby saves time and material.

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MOBA-matic II

MOBA-matic has firmly established itself as the world's leading and most flexible leveling system for pavers. This modular system enables to control the layer thickness and the slope of the screed. It allows the flexible choice of sensors, depending on the application and the jobsite. For example ultrasonic sensor, rotary or slope sensor.

System benefits

  • Controls the height and slope of the paving screed
  • Offers the world's largest selection of sensors for leveling systems
  • Flexible sensor combination
  • Simple operation
  • Highly precise paving results

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Big Sonic-Ski

The Big Sonic-Ski® exceeds the advantages of a single ultrasonic sensor. With up to four sensors, even in a large area unevennesses, such as road waves, all is compensated for. The Big Sonic-Ski® thereby achieves maximum planarity during asphalt paving, being unrivaled in its precision. The individual sensors can each be positioned separately.

System benefits

  • Best possible planarity
  • Compensates for long stretches of reference unevenness
  • No artificial reference necessary
  • Works contactlessly
  • Largely independent from weather conditions

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The PAVE-IR quality control system offers the possibility to assess the asphalt temperature during paving. It depicts a temperature profile for the entire project. Using this data, the system allows for conclusions to be drawn about the temperatures of the material, including improvements that can be made to the asphalt, as well as overall road quality.

System benefits

  • Extensive, high-precision measurement of the material temperature to detect thermal Segregation
  • Modular design with individually combinable and upgradeable components
  • Cloud solution for easy data handling

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